About Us

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Our Purpose

Our mission: Create a more informed electorate and strengthen our democracy by helping voters vote informed, all the way down the ballot.

Elections matter, and not just for President. Unfortunately, it’s much too difficult to research the rest of the ballot. That’s where we come in. BallotReady makes it easy for voters to research and understand every candidate and referendum up for election.

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Our Process

How we collect information.

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BallotReady aggregates information from candidates’ websites, social media, press, endorsers and board of elections data for the latest, most accurate details about the candidates and referendums on your ballot.

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We link everything back to its original source, so you can evaluate the messenger as well as the message.

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We make every effort to confirm details with the candidates themselves, giving them the opportunity to share even more info.

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Our People

Meet the team.

In 2014, Alex Niemczewski decided to research her entire ballot. She began at the top and worked all the way down to judges and county commissioners, spent countless hours reviewing news articles, endorsements, friends’ recommendations and policy proposals. It was not easy, and it seemed extraordinary that there wasn’t a simpler way.

When her friend, Aviva Rosman, ran for local office and reached out for her vote, the two got to talking and came to an alarming realization: very few voters are prepared to fill out the entire ballot. They looped in Sebastian Ellefson, and the three set out to fix the problem.


Alex Niemczewski


Before dedicating herself to making the country BallotReady, Alex ran a human-centered design consultancy whose research is used by schools, civic organizations and the White House. She also taught coding at Chicago Booth and even learned to weld while leading a job training program.

Aviva Rosman


Aviva grew up working on campaigns, including her 
own successful run for local office. She is passionate about local politics and good governance and is happiest playing with a spreadsheet of data.

Sebastian Ellefson

Director of Content

Even before joining BallotReady, Sebastian was used to driving around with political yard signs and clipboards in his backseat. Having worked on campaigns and served in government at both the state and local levels, Sebastian is BallotReady’s foremost expert on irregular political districts, unusual ballots and lesser-known elected positions.